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For professional recommendations, installations, repairs or maintenance regarding water heating systems, consult with Water & Waste Plumbing in Darwin. We work with small and large hot water systems in both homes and commercial properties.

For installations and repairs, we source from top brands around Australia and internationally to get you the right products at affordable prices.

There are three main categories of water heating systems, all of which serviced by our team. These include solar water heater systems, electric water heaters and instant or tankless water heaters.
Solar Hot Water Heating

Solar Water Heaters

A solar water heater system takes energy from the run’s rays and converts it into heat. That heat goes to a water storage tank connected to your main water supply. The tank remains full and heats consistently as the solar panels continuously absorb energy.

There are many different sizes and designs for solar water heating systems. Panels and tanks are available that can service large households or constant commercial use without running short on hot water. We also have smaller systems that are useful when you need less water.

Solar panels are often installed on the roof of the building on your property, but the water tank can be installed on the roof, the ground or elsewhere. If you have any questions about our solar water heaters, get in touch today.
Custom Water Heating System Design

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heating systems are common in many homes and businesses. They connect directly to the electrical system of the building and the main water source.

A heating element inside the water tank continuously heats water inside the tank until it reaches and maintains a certain temperature. As you use water, it refills again and continues heating.

These are often the most convenient types of systems, as both water and power are already available on most properties. Initial installation cost is cheaper than a solar system because only the tank unit itself is required. Heaters of any size can be sourced and installed to accommodate the needs of the home or business.

If you wish to have an electric water heater installed at your property, book an appointment today.
Types Of Hot Water Systems

Instant/Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are one of the more cost-effective options. They are affordable to purchase and install, and they reduce the operating costs of heating water as the water will only be heated as it passes through the system. There is no water tank requiring storage and temperature regulation.

With a tankless (instant) water heating system, you get hot water on demand any time.

Contact Water & Waste Plumbing in Darwin for water heater services on your home or commercial property.