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Water & Waste Plumbing provides services for newly built and renovated homes and businesses across the region. Operating out of Darwin, we provide this service to many in the surrounding towns and rural areas.

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Pipe Fixtures

Are you redoing your kitchen, bathroom or laundry? We will help you update your existing design, replace specific fixtures or redo the entire room from the ground up.

Old or outdated plumbing may not be water efficient. If for any reason your room is not living up to standard, let us help you fix that.

A simple way to transform a bathroom, kitchen or laundry is to upgrade the existing fixtures to new, modern fixtures. In the bathroom, a new vanity can also improve the look and function of the room without requiring any walls to be removed or changed.

Whatever your plans are for your space, Water & Waste Plumbing can help. We are not just limited to working with your plumbing. We will also help with design and construction to ensure the renovation goes smoothly.
New Builds & Renovations

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With new builds, the general design is likely in place. However, the finishing elements such as the kitchen, bathroom or laundry layout may still be undecided. We help with all steps in a new build, including design, construction and installation.

Get a free quote on any new build or renovation project today. We also provides free consultations for all customers.
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