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Water & Waste Plumbing in Darwin handles all your home and business plumbing needs. We take care of basic and complex issues, including:
We offer free quotes and consultations for all customers. Each job is handled by a qualified and certified plumber. Clients can source the fixtures, supplies and expertise they need from Water & Waste Plumbing.
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Stormwater, fixtures & everything inbetween

Toilet Repairs

Any number of problems can come up with your bathroom plumbing. Modern toilets are efficient, eco-friendly and long-lasting, but they are not immune to issues. We can assist with repairing or replacing your toilet when it’s not working as it should.
Common issues with home and commercial toilets include:
  • Not flushing
  • Slow flushing or failure to fully flush
  • The handle is stuck or loose
  • Toilet tank won’t fill
  • Unusually loud noises
  • Leaking from the base or tank
  • Noticeable odour, even after cleaning
  • Cracks or breaks
  • Blockages or clogs
We handle these types of issues regularly. Call us in for a free consultation to identify the problem and a free quote on the cost to fix it.
Best Plumbers in Darwin

Types of Toilets

Both home and commercial toilets are built similarly, though they often look different. Toilets can be made from ceramic or metal, and they may be wall-mounted or freestanding. In general, there are a few normal types of toilets:
  • Close-coupled suites
  • In-wall cisterns
  • Freestanding pans
  • Security toilets
  • Urinals
  • Sensor activated
  • Wall-mounted
We can fix any toilet. If you notice anything wrong with your toilets, give Water & Waste Plumbing a call today to investigate.
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Kitchen Sink - fixture installation by Water & Waste Plumbing
Residential, Industrial & Commercial

Fixture Repair & Installation

Water & Waste Plumbing can source and install all types of plumbing fixtures for your home or business. We offer a wide range of styles, colours and designs to help you find what you want for a price you can afford. With our quick and affordable installations, your fixture will be ready to go as soon as possible.

We also offer fixture repairs for plumbing equipment that’s leaking, broken or otherwise not working as it should.

Call the experts on 0428 257 160!
Best Plumbers in Darwin

Plumbing Fixtures

For homes and businesses, we work on all types of plumbing fixtures. That includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Hand basins
  • Toilets & urinals
  • Showers & baths
  • Sinks (bathroom, kitchen, work room)
  • Bidets
  • Taps (hose, sink, tank, filter taps)
  • Water filtration systems & rainwater collection
  • Hot water systems
  • Bubblers
  • Irrigation manifolds
  • Laundry troughs
  • Vanities
  • Dishwashers
  • Fridges
  • Drinking fountains
If you need assistance with one of these or any other type of plumbing fixtures, make an appointment with Zach from Water & Waste Plumbing in Darwin.
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Irrigation System Darwin - Water & Waste
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Irrigation systems have undergone many technological advancements in recent years. The systems we source and install today are more advanced, efficient and convenient than those of yesteryear.
We handle every part of the process, from product recommendations to installations and maintenance. That includes:
  • System design
  • Installation
  • System repairs (controllers & wiring)
  • Plumbing repairs (pipes, fittings, outlets & inlets)
  • Regular maintenance & testing
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Domestic & Commercial Plumbing

Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from a well-designed irrigation system. Domestic systems usually involve sprinklers to care for the home garden. Commercial systems are used by businesses and rural properties to maintain grounds and ensure healthy growth of crops

We design irrigation systems to suit the water source, whether it uses local water mains, water tanks or boreholes. Many systems today have automatic timers and electronic control boxes that remove the need for turning valves manually.

Contact us on 0428 257 160 today for irrigation system repairs, installations or upgrades.
Irrigation installations
Water Leak repairs Darwin
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Leak Detection

Plumbing leaks happen all the time. These are often caused by parts wearing out over time with regular use. Any individual piece of a plumbing system may break, loosen or become displaced.

If your water bill is unusually high, you notice excessive water or moisture somewhere, or there are any other signs of leaky plumbing, contact us immediately.

We can help you discover leaks in your plumbing and repair or replace the parts without hassle. Any building damage that occurred because of the leak can also be repaired by a professional from Water & Waste Plumbing.

Fittings & Piping

Pipes are the most common sources of a leak, especially around the connection joints. Considering that pipes are the pathways for clean water to enter your building and wastewater to exit, leaks are a common consequence of normal daily use.

We work on most types of piping, including:
  • Cast iron
  • ABS
  • PVC
  • Pex
  • Steel
  • Copper
Our repair and installation work will be quick and efficient, minimising the disruptions to your water supply and helping you to eliminate every leak.
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