When you need quality plumbing in Darwin, you need Water and Waste. We offer services in many plumbing systems and can offer you repairs, servicing, installation, and maintenance. Our top quality work is done by trained and experienced plumbers at affordable prices. Use this guide to help you find the right plumber for the job at hand. 

Do Ask About Insurance & Licensing

Any plumber you hire should be able to produce evidence of qualifications and licenses as well as proof of the right kinds of insurance. The license tells you that the plumber has been trained and is experienced in the work that needs to be done so that you can be sure it’s going to be completed properly. Insurance is important because it protects you from liability in cases of injury or damage that occurs as a result of the work. 

Do Look for Comprehensive Services

You don’t want a plumber who can only do one or two jobs. Instead, you want to find a plumber that can complete a wide range of services for you. Our plumbers can complete any number of jobs, including toilet repairs, leak detection, and water main breaks, pipe repair, unblocking drains, and installing new fixtures. We can also work on your hot water system. Our plumbers are trained to do work in both residential and commercial properties. 

Don’t Choose a Plumber if You Can’t Get a Quote

A quality plumber will be able to give you a quote for the job you need done. This enables you to determine how to budget the work so it can be done without you paying more than you’re comfortable with or can afford. If you find a plumber who won’t give you a quote, it’s time to call us instead. We offer affordable upfront prices so you know what to expect. 

Don’t Hire without a Guarantee

Never sign on the dotted line until you understand the guarantee or warranty. In some cases, neither will apply, but you need to know this beforehand so you know what to expect. If you feel the services or parts should be guaranteed and they’re not, you probably haven’t found the right plumber. 

If you want a plumber in Darwin that ticks all the boxes on your do’s list, call Water and Waste to get a quote.